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DAY 51 TO 55 – KM 1923,1 TO KM 2150,1

It’s true, on day 55 I reached the midway point. I have walked 2140,3 km and I have 2140,3 km to go. That’s 38,9 km every day. It has been an amazing journey, with ups and downs like life itself but to be honest, it feels really good. When I passed the halfway mark I had a mixture ofemotions, there’s still a lot of walking and thinking to do … let’s see what happens.

Before that, I cowboy camped for the first time whilst on the trail. It was a really warm day and my water supply had finished a while back, so I decided to walk at night. I’d walked for an hour alone and then I met 7 other hikers and walked with them for another hour. At 11 pm we reached a water source and we slept there, the sky was so beautiful … so beautiful that I just spent the night looking at it and so didn’t sleep much. The following day I left at 6 am and the others were still sleeping. The weather has been really warm for these 5 days. A lot of the walking was out in the open, exposed to the direct sun, and that made it more difficult. It was beautiful, however, to see how the landscape has changed from Washington to here… Mexican border, let’s go!!!

Day 51 (54,1 km) – Normal day;

Day 52 (49,9 km) – First time cowboy camping;

Day 53 (57,9 km) – I saw a fox;

Day 54 (42,2 km) – I saw another fox;

Day 55 (22,9 km) – I reached the midway point.

– I am travelling with Iati Seguros, if you buy any of its insurance through any link on my blog you get 5% discount.  

– All the pictures with Samsung Galaxy S10.

This as all the other articles on this site are translated by my good friend Devo Forbes!!

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