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DAY 46 TO 50 – KM 1695,3 TO KM 1923,1

The walk goes on. Everything was fine as it has always been, until I decided to make it a bit more challenging. How!? Busting my feet! When the universe spread intelligence all over the world I must have been very well hidden. Ahhhhh! I should have bought some new shoes inAshland, the village where I stayed after the storm. “They are still good, I’ll just rest”, I thought. Two days later they burst and as a result stones and rubbish began to get inside which caused blisters and pain. Have you ever seen someone limping on both feet?! I don’t know if it’s funny or if it’s just sad!

I met a British couple who live in a van, it’s one of two or three possibilities I have considered for myself. I’ve thought about it a lot. Maybe, just maybe. I arrived at a lake as the twilight got darker. I asked if the water was good, and they said it was cold. Not a minute later I was naked inside, and it was cold! For an hour or so I spoke about football with a British guy. Strangely, this week I have met 7 or 8 English people. He was a Liverpool fan as many of them are and we shared some ideas, it was fun.

Just as it was fun, beautiful, wonderful, powerful, but at the same time scary to see my fourth and fifth black bears. Scary because it was a mother and her cub, scary because when we noticed each other I was very close. I was paralyzed, the little one disappeared at a run, and the mother climbed the trail, looked at me, and then followed the little one. I think that never in my life have I felt all my body shaking like at that moment, it was so good, so, so good!

What more? I walked with hardly a break from morning to night time.

Day 46 (49.8 km) – First time I talked about football on the trail;

Day 47 (60.2 km) – The idea of living in a van is getting stronger in my mind, a lot stronger;

Day 48 (47.7 km) – My feet are miserable because I’m an idiot and stones are coming in through the holes in my shoes;

Day 49 (19.7 km) – New shoes, the third pair;

Day 50 (50.4 km) – I saw a bear and her cub, so goooood.

– I am travelling with Iati Seguros, if you buy any of its insurance through any link on my blog you get 5% discount.  

– All the pictures with Samsung Galaxy S10.

This as all the other articles on this site are translated by my good friend Devo Forbes!!

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