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Day 81 to 85 - km 3000.6 to km 3158.2

At the hostel there were some hikers like me, some of them, like Sunny and Bambi, had just finished the PCT there. They started in Mexico, got to Bishop, were fed up with snow and flew to Canada, went down to Bishop and completed over 4000km. On day 81 I went back to the trail with Elbows and Amethyst. That day and the next, each of us walked at our own pace but we camped together, the goal was to climb Mount Whitney on day 83, the highest point in the continental United States. We started climbing at 3 am after a sleepless night, it was so windy that the tent kept falling over me. I gave up trying to sleep and spent the night writing some memories. Two hours after we start climbing, we reached the top. There were already plenty of other adventurers up there like Steam Boat, Bug Run and Kabuise. People I had got to know who had also been in the hostel. All of them were inside their sleeping bags and I did the same thing. I put my shorts on and opened my jacket half-way. When I got up I froze. 4421 meters high it’s a little cold, just a little. The sun came up, I took lots of pictures and into my head popped the idea: 'It's done, now it's time to fly, and finish it'. I went down the hill and lay down at 4 pm. The next day I walked 71 km and around 10 pm I lay down under a tree, without a tent, only a mattress and sleeping bag, listening to the coyotes. On the 85th day I arrived at Kennedy Meadows South and I no longer need the Bear Canister. Finally..!! Now I'll be going faster until it's over. I'm almost there...

Day 81 (7 km) - Back to the trail;

Day 82 (27.8 km) – PCT’s highest crossing, 4000+ meters;

Day 83 (12.1 km) - Climbed to the highest point in the Continental United States, Mount Withney, 4400+;

Day 84 (71.5 km) – The day I walked the most;

Day 85 (29.2 km) - Leaving the Sierras.

– I am travelling with Iati Seguros, if you buy any of its insurance through any link on my blog you get 5% discount.  

– All the pictures with Samsung Galaxy S10.

This as all the other articles on this site are translated by my good friend Devo Forbes!!

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