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Day 11 to 15 – km 326,3 to 507,9

How beautiful!! Forest, lake, fog, mystical views & more. Looks like wonderland right!? I could say this was a perfect day for me, that I was happy but I would be lying. The twelfth day, like two others in the last five, were the worst on my journey until now. I am not complaining, just don’t expect me to say that life is perfect or when travelling, everything is a paradise, no, no, no, it isn’t at all. On any trip, and on this one more so, is a masterclass about my body and mind. It have been rained on almost every single night and most of days too since I began this adventure. I’m tired of wearing my wet socks and shoes in the morning. I’ve been trying not to think about it but now, on the eleventh day and after walking more than 48 km in the rain, after going inside my tent with everything soaked and where I can barely move, makes me sad. I didn’t sleep much and, in the morning, once again, wore my wet socks, wet shoes and wet clothes. I began walking. The sun came out and I stopped under a waterfall. I jumped in and put my clothes to dry. Half an hour later it was raining again and it didn’t stop till very late at night. I stopped to eat but I couldn’t, my hands were frozen, I didn’t even have strength in my fingers to open my backpack. I set up my tent under the rain and I have never felt so cold, sad and dirty at the same time, not to mention that I was starving. Next day I finally got to Snoqualmie, a village where I spent the night in a hotel room for the first time since I started this hike. I ate everything I could find and always in huge portions like a good US citizen. T

hen came the 18th of July and to be honest I would have given the world to be lying in my van with a sea view for thirty minutes in silence… It is funny how one day we are so happy and the next we doubt everything we know. Life is beautiful!

Day 11 (48,3 km) – Rain and more rain, I slept in a wet tent;

Day 12 (37,1 km) – Did I say that yesterday my tent was wet? Today was 2431 times worse. Crazy cold night;

Day 13 (5,9 km) – My first day in a hotel room, ate sooooooo much! Pancake with fruit, curry and then a pizza bigger than myself;

Day 14 (32,6 km) – (18 July) my mind wasn’t here;

Day 15 (57,7 km) – The day I walked the most until now, what a beautiful light by the forest.

– I am travelling with Iati Seguros, if you buy any of its insurance through any link on my blog you get 5% discount.  

– All the pictures with Samsung Galaxy S10.

This as all the other articles on this site are translated by my good friend Devo Forbes!!

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