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DAY 31 TO 35 – KM 1072,4 TO 1338

These last 5 days started with a small thunderstorm. I was swimming in a small lake, Behemoth was there and also a hen party with 4 women who were on a 5-day trip. From far we saw heavy clouds coming and heard thunder. We decided to walk anyway. After a while it started raining and some people stopped but I kept walking. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to do, some people said that we shouldn’t walk in the meadows because we are the highest point and the lightning might hit you, other people said that we shouldn’t stop under a tree because the lightning hits trees and starts fires. I have walked in so many burned forests between Washington and California. I passed a beautiful lake but because I still had energy, I decided to carry on. I got lost. I walked in the wrong direction and when I realized it, came back and camped by the lake. Lunar and Solar were there, a couple I had met a day before, and Behemoth arrived a few minutes later. I jumped in the lake, we cooked and soon after the icy rain fell strongly for 2 minutes. Next day, a hiker who had been camping 10 km away from us told me that he and his friends saw a fire begin and they called 911. I saw a few helicopters flying around. For the next 4 days the weather was really hot and in the last 2 I didn’t have much water. There were no water sources and I was exposed to the sun for a very long time.

On day 35 I walked on Rim Trail, a trail that connects with PCT, the real PCT trail was closed because in the last few days there had been many reports of a lot of mountain lion activity.

Day 31 (45,1 km) – Thunderstorm;

Day 32 (66,2 km) – Walked more than 40 miles for the first time;

Day 33 (36,6 km) – Normal day;

Day 34 (62,4 km) – Hot and not much water;

Day 35 (55,5 km) – Walked around Crater Lake.

– I am travelling with Iati Seguros, if you buy any of its insurance through any link on my blog you get 5% discount.  

– All the pictures with Samsung Galaxy S10.

This as all the other articles on this site are translated by my good friend Devo Forbes!!

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