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"When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice."                                                                                                         Robert Frank



I am Fábio Inácio, I was born in 1985 in Portugal, and since then I have never stopped dreaming.

In 2010, and already wanting photography to be more than just a pastime, a new passion came to me: travel. I was in Indonesia to photograph a surf trip and suddenly, out of nowhere, without ever having thought about it, I realised that what I wanted to do was unite this recent passion: travel, with the old passion: photography, and make them a way of life.


In this way was born, a place where I show my journeys through words, pictures and videos. A place that has the goal of inspiring everyone to follow their dreams, to travel, or just to discover a little bit more about the world. I also share tips and opinions on how to travel cheaply, and much more.

In my blog you will find fewer colour than in other blogs about travel, at least at the first viewing, I shoot in black and white, in an artistic, or mystical way (or something like that), I believe! I show what my eyes see, what I feel and believe, I couldn’t be serious about trying to inspire someone if I wasn’t inspired myself by what I do. What you will find here is a lot of Love (love has a lot of colour) and dedication.


I will be happy to learn more about you guys. You can keep in touch always to tell me about doubts, questions, opinions, or just to say ‘Hi!’.

“Why Prague?” asked a barmaid from the “Jazz Republic” bar after she found out/discovered I was Portuguese.

“Why not? Today Prague, tomorrow Vienna, and after we will see, for no obvious reason, just because.” I replied, while waiting for the start of the jazz concert.


I was in Prague just as could have been anywhere else in the world, I travel to live, learn, share, photograph and more. In my opinion all the corners of the world have something magical, something that differs them from any other place; the people, landscapes or simply the smell…


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