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After many hours full of curve after curve on a mini bus where I was the only foreigner, I arrived in a small Vietnamese village that borders China and is not far from Laos. I wanted a simple life, in a small village, without noise and historical monuments, where people lived their lives quietly without thinking about the world around them. I wanted it and I got it, in fact I got even more, I got this beautiful face looking at me at the Sunday market that received people from all the villages around.

I looked to the side and there were these eyes that grabbed mine and for a few seconds they didn’t let go. Shortly after I showed her the camera, and I signalled in order to try to get permission to photograph her, but without success, as she turned her back and went on her way. I followed to photograph and observe life around the market until my eyes were caught by those eyes again. I smiled and raised the camera, I tried again to get permission to take her picture, and this time she didn’t turn her back, which I took as a yes and I photographed her. I took a step forward and took another picture, and then I went and showed her the photos, and the shy smile that appeared on that face was priceless. Not a word passed between us but we shared so much at that moment. So good!!

People are beautiful!

This as all the other articles on this site are translated by my good friend Devo Forbes!!

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