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Why I only shoot black and white photos??

Hey, hey, let's talk about why I only shoot black and white photos?? Yes?! Awesomeeee! This picture is from Varanasi, India, and it is impossible to describe how I miss the feeling of being embraced by that power all around me! I doubt she would want it because she has the world at her feet, but just in case she accepted, if India were a woman, I would marry her, now, like, right now! Ah! Sorry, I was rambling, we were talking about photography, right? Let's do it!

On this last trip I made in Portugal, I got some new followers here on Instagram and some of them have been sending me messages about my photographs, some to say that they like them a lot, others to ask me why everything is in black and white. I get this question a lot, so once again here is an explanation. I love colour photography, I really love it, it makes me want to travel and want to be in some of those places, but in my photography I want people to feel something different. I want them to feel more than just ‘I like it’ or ‘I don’t like it’, more than just ‘I want to go’ or ‘I don’t want to go’, more than just ‘that person is beautiful’ or ‘that person is not so beautiful’. I want it to make them travel, but in a philosophical way, I want them to question it, to imagine, to feel… I want it to be a piece of art, more than just a photograph, and the way I see and feel I can only do it in black and white because when I take photographs, even when I do it with all the information (colour) I’m already seeing it in my head in black and white, I am already feeling what I want to convey. I am not saying that colour photography is not art, it is obvious that it is, it is simply not my way of doing it, not the

way I feel. Nor am I saying that I can convey what I want, or that I am an artist, only you can judge that. So I would love to know your sincere opinion, no bullshit, no being polite, of my photograph. Can you do that?! And if you want, please leave more questions!

PS - Yes, many of the photos that I have on Instagram are just simple snapshots from my travel diary, and it’s the same to me if they’re colour or black and white, but I decided to only use the latter because I think that half colour, half black and white would not look right on the page. Images like the one in this post are what my photographs are all about.

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