Blog December 18, 2018


It was January 3, 1946, in a small village in the very center of Vietnam with a strange name almost impossible to pronounce. The vestiges of the Second World War were still very visible and the conflicts of the Indochina War were already foreseen.

Blog November 29, 2018


I had never had a family vacation, except for a week when my mother and sister and I went to surprise my father in Vilamoura where he was on a training course. I went into the hotel, saw him at the reception desk, and ran towards the street to tell my

Blog December 27, 2017


It is three weeks since I arrived in Kenya, and I have not seen much yet so will stay here until the beginning of next year, which will be the end of the 30 days of volunteering that I am doing for the project “From Kibera With Love”.

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