Blog November 1, 2019

DAY 41 TO 45 – KM 1503 TO KM 1695,3

Minimalism & simple living; walking, eating, jumping in the streams and lakes, and every single day seeing the sunrise and then the sunset. The simple life is good and in the last few days it has been even better because of the

Blog October 22, 2019

DAY 36 TO 40 – KM 1338 TO 1503,8

In the previous days I had a small, very small storm and then several days of heat with little water. Now, on the  36th day of my journey I walked about 30 km with only 2 liters of water among burnt and open forests, the sun

Blog October 22, 2019

DAY 26 TO 30 – KM 840 TO 1072,4

Did you ever get a hug from somebody who transported you to another reality? No? So sad for you… soon enough I’ll come back to this, but first I will talk about food. This trail is mostly about walking,

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