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It was April 2012 and I was in Munich, Germany, on the last of my fifteen days travelling in Europe by train. I asked Florian, a friend who was having me to stay at his home through couchsurfing, the best way to reach the airport. He said that it was easy, there are directions in all the metro stations. As usual I went early to avoid delays, I followed the directions at the metro stations and three hours before departure I was at the airport. I waited one hour and went to look at the screen to find where my check-in was, and then I got confused because I could not find my flight on the screen, what had happened?! Wasn’t I seeing well?! I went straight to the information counter and asked if there was some problem with my flight.

– Your flight isn’t from this airport, it is from the other one outside of the city, it will be impossible for you to get there in time. She said.

I was shocked! I didn’t realize that Munich could have more than one airport. Many low cost companies fly from smaller airports. After a long conversation with the lady I decided that it was better to go to the other airport even if I didn’t get there in time.

I went to the train station, and showed my plane ticket to ask for a train ticket there because the name was unpronounceable.

– You have a train in 20 minutes but you will not be in time for the flight. – He said. – I know, I know, but I want to go to this airport anyway! – I said at the same time that I gave him the money. – But you will not be there in time! – He said again. – I know, but I want to go there. – I said quietly but with an extreme urge to scream. – Here is your ticket, but I want to let you know that you will not arrive in time for your flight. – He said at the same time that he gave me the train ticket. I didn’t say anything else, I just wanted scream! He must have been teasing me!:D

I went in the train, and after a couple of hours reached the right airport. I booked a new ticket, but not to Lisbon, the only available (and cheaper) flight was to Faro. I arrived there in the middle of the night/at midnight, got in the bus to Lisbon, reaching there at six in the morning. At eight in the morning I finally arrived home, half a day and a lot of Euros after the time I should have arrived!

*Picture: Munich metro, April 2012

This as all the other articles on this site are translated by my good friend Devo Forbes!!

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