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This year I made 5 trips with The Wanderlust – Vietnam x 2, Indonesia, Iran and India were the destinations.

I cannot say that I liked one or the other most, all of them always have their magic. Vietnam for being so peaceful even on the days that we are in the middle of the city’s chaos, Indonesia for having changed my life when in 2010 I visited it for the first time, Iran for having such good people that there are not even words to describe them, and India for being a world in itself.

It has been a very beautiful experience traveling with groups of people, most of the time I do not know anyone, most of the time just a few of them know each other. The funny thing about it all is that in my groups, an hour after arrival we are all a family already and even more beautiful is that they all make me feel that I am part of the group too and that feels good, it feels so good.

Here is a photo of each group this year, though there’s not one from Indonesia because in the only photo I have we do not have many clothes on :D!

The last trip in 2018 started in November and ended in December. The girls and boys who are in the cover photo lived to experience India, and it was difficult to get them off the train, as they wanted to sleep there every single night!

Our motorcycle and bike trips will go down in history! I’ve never seen such a thing, to be honest, I do not think even the Vietnamese have ever seen such skills as ours! Nobody could stop us.

Iran, Iran, Iran, it’s so hard to write about it, it seems like you’re going to be unfair to the rest of the world. I don’t want it to be like that, so here is just this one picture of one of the most incredible places in the country, and it’s well worth going on record, because in all the other dozens of selfies Barbara always has her eyes closed!

It was at the beginning of the year that Vietnam x2 started and how well it started, to the sound of Melão (a Portuguese singer)! We never thought we’d reach Ho Chi Minh and hear someone singing his hit! Life in the rice paddies is quiet, it is so peaceful.

Thus were my trips with The Wanderlust this year. There are two extra photos that have nothing to do with the others but which I like very much. The first, because it was a trip involving only cousins, and you can find out more about that and see more photos HERE, and the second because it was the day I turned 33, the best birthday ever…

Lots of good stuff for everyone!!

*This as all the other articles on this site are translated by my good friend Devo Forbes!!

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