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In the middle of October 2012, already at night, I arrived in Tromso, city that is above the Artic Circle, and the sky welcomed me with a stunning set of lights and colours! Still with my backpack on I got lost looking at the sky, it was magic! In the meantime, I was invited to Thomas house, a German guy who was studying medicine. There is a big community of foreign students there, and he and some friends were already waiting for me at the apartment for dinner. Between talking and eating vegetable soup, I said that I was up north in that frozen weather because of the northern lights, which I wanted to see and take pictures of as much as possible and for that I could stay for a week. We agreed to go out after dinner to a place far from the artificial lights where the visibility was better, but when we arrived there the northern lights had already gone to sleep!

Next day I went to meet Thomas at his university, and next to him there was a guy showing some pictures he had taken the night before at a lake.

– They didn’t stop coming! – He said with his eyes shining. My eyes also shone, but I wanted to cry! The pictures were of the northern lights from the night before – beautiful pictures! 

We agreed to go out to find the northern lights the next night, but they didn’t show up; the following night the same, and so on. On the Internet we saw that the night with most northern lights that year was coming, they would be so strong that it would be possible see them in southern Norway. Excited, we agreed to go camping in the mountains. Thomas, his girlfriend and me, got tons of clothes and two sleeping bags each. We made a hole in the snow just big enough for a person and a half, but in it were the three of us, lying belly up in temperatures below zero, waiting for the show, the show that never happened! The sky was full of clouds even beyond infinity. We drank vodka to forget and to warm up.

Two or three more days in Tromso and nothing… nothing of the northern lights!

This as all the other articles on this site are translated by my good friend Devo Forbes!!

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