Hello, do you still remember me?!

It is true; I’ve been absent, even very absent. These last three months I have been working and I have not had much time to update my blog or social networks. Obviously, while working I was planning my adventures for the rest of the year and the beginning of next year.

For now I have to say that I am writing from Paris, which they say is the city of love. I do not know if it is, or if it is not! What do you think? Is it for you? Have you been here? This is my second visit to the French capital, this time I have come to visit some friends before travelling to Irún, northern Spain, where I will start my walk on the ‘Camino del Norte’ to Santiago de Compostela.

Camino del Norte is the name of the route and it is one of the oldest routes to Santiago and is something like 850km long. I’m going alone, but on the way I’m sure to meet some people, even though part of it I really want to do alone – it’s going to be fun!

For this trip I will not take my computer, so the blog will only be updated when I arrive, daily I will mainly use Instagram to document the way and maybe Facebook a bit too, if you follow and share with your friends I will be happy.

I arrive at the end of October and on November 3rd I will talk a little about the “Vidas em Trânsito” photography exhibition at the Municipal Library of Torres Vedras at 6pm. Show up, it’ll be fun sharing stories.

And more?

On November 4 I have a flight scheduled to Vietnam, where I will travel for 15 days with a group from The Wanderlust travel agency, and two weeks later I will leave from Saigon to Varanasi where I will have another group from The Wanderlust travelling with me. These two trips are full, I have to thank those who want to travel with us, it is so good to know that there are people who want to experience these countries with us. The dates for 2018 are already on the site, we have several destinations, with me you can travel to Iran, India and Vietnam. Are you coming? Learn more HERE!

The trip in India ends on December 2nd, and on the 4th I will take a flight from Goa to Kenya, where I am going to volunteer for a month on the ‘Kibera with Love‘ project. Last year I promised myself that I would start doing more volunteer work, at least two weeks a year should do it but the ideal would be at least a month. It does not have to be abroad, it does not have to be done directly, I simply feel that I should take some time from myself to give to others.

After volunteering will I be back at home?

No, not straight away. The volunteer work ends in early January and I want to go and explore Uganda and Rwanda. I want to explore a little more of Africa, as I only know Morocco, which in my opinion, despite being Africa, is not Africa. There are other countries around Kenya that will also be interesting, Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan. I still have to think about which ones to visit. Have any of you visited any of these countries? What is your opinion?

However, by the end of February I must return to Portugal.

In March, it starts all over again, travelling to Iran, India and Vietnam with TheWanderlust.

Photo: Underground of Paris

*This as all the other articles on this site are translated by my good friend Devo Forbes!!