Blog, PCT October 21, 2019

DAY 41 TO 45 – KM 1503 TO KM 1695,3

Minimalism & simple living; walking, eating, jumping in the streams and lakes, and every single day seeing the sunrise and then the sunset. The simple life is good and in the last few days it has been even better because of the

Blog, PCT October 20, 2019

DAY 46 TO 50 – KM 1695,3 TO KM 1923,1

The walk goes on. Everything was fine as it has always been, until I decided to make it a bit more challenging. How!? Busting my feet! When the universe spread intelligence all over the world I must have been very well hidden. Ahhhhh! I should have bought some new shoes in

Blog, PCT October 18, 2019

DAY 51 TO 55 – KM 1923,1 TO KM 2150,1

It’s true, on day 55 I reached the midway point. I have walked 2140,3 km and I have 2140,3 km to go. That’s 38,9 km every day. It has been an amazing journey, with ups and downs like life itself but to be honest, it feels really good. When I passed the halfway mark I had a mixture of

Blog, PCT October 18, 2019

DAY 56 TO 65 – KM 2150,1 TO KM 2618,3

Do you remember, in my last post, that I said it was with mixed feelings that I reached the halfway mark?! After that, for a few days, I only got bad vibes, kinda like depression. I tried my best to hide it while I was around people, smiling and joking around to get others to smile as

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