Blog, PCT October 18, 2019

DAY 56 TO 65 – KM 2150,1 TO KM 2618,3

Do you remember, in my last post, that I said it was with mixed feelings that I reached the halfway mark?! After that, for a few days, I only got bad vibes, kinda like depression. I tried my best to hide it while I was around people, smiling and joking around to get others to smile as

Blog June 10, 2019


Walking to Santigo de Compostela has been one of the most popular pilgrimages since medieval times. There are several

Blog February 18, 2019


‘Only 3 weeks’; ‘Only 2 months’; ‘I believe I’ll be here in the summer’… These were some of the answers I gave to the question how long I’ll be away this time. In 2018, I was away for a total of 9 months including work, volunteering and exploring, lost and without many plans.

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