It is true; I’m back in Iran, the country that gave me so much without ever accepting anything in return. And how good it is to be back! This time I come with the purpose of seeing and exploring a little more of the country – the first time I walked around the capital, also Isfahan, Shiraz and a little bit of Kurdistan. Now I’m probably going to the same places and so many more. I am thinking of adding ancient Persia to Vietnam and India, countries that I travel to as the leading guide of The Wanderlust travel agency. I’m thinking … at the end of the trip, we will see if we do or we don’t.

However it turns out, I’ve now been here for more than a week. I arrived on the 4th very early and went in a taxi to the house of friends of my best friend Sahar. Saed opened the door, two other guys on the couch sleeping and I went to rest too. At the end of the day I met Hoda, my contact in the country, who had just arrived from Baluchistan. I spent five nights at her house, chatting, eating, eating more, and exploring the city, sometimes with them, sometimes alone. The Great Bazaar, mosques, art galleries, and Darband, from where I have beautiful memories! These have been some of the sites, but there are also other that I don’t know how to explain where they are because I got lost in the city, the best way to get to know somewhere, walking without a destination. Turn left here, move on to the bottom of the street, and then you will see…

Grand Bazaar, Tehran

However it was time to start moving, so I talked to Hadi who lives in Qom, to know if I could stay for one night. I ended up staying two, while he was working I was exploring the city, as always the bazaar and mosques are part of the menu. On the second day I had about two hours trying to be converted by a teacher of Islam, at other times I had to take selfies with the people who discovered that I was Portuguese. – We love Queirós; they said. Some of the time I was taking pictures or just observing the routine. At the end of the day he joined me and we both walked and ate something. Because I don’t eat meat it is not always an easy task to find something varied, but everything was arranged!

Qom Street

On Thursday morning I got in a taxi to take me to the bus station to go to Kashan, where I am at the moment. The taxi, instead of leaving me at the bus station, left me at a place where there are only taxis that make the Qom-Kashan connection. The ticket was much more expensive than for the bus, and so I said I was not going to go in any. For an hour without stopping I insisted until they lowered the price to more than half and I paid less for the journey than the other people that followed in the car. I was upset about how it all happened because I had been tricked, but I was happy with my bargaining powers. When we got to Kashan he asked for more money, but I said that the agreement was made in Qom!

Now I’m in Kashan, and tomorrow I’m going to rent a taxi with two guys I met at the hostel, yes!! I am in a hostel, the first night I have stayed in a public place in all my days in this beautiful country. I wanted to have a bit of time to myself, without speaking much, to stay in my place, to think… And together we will explore the villages around Kashan, and maybe we also make it to a lake and the desert, we will see what we do tomorrow!!

View of the city of Kashan

For now, my life is like this in one of the safest countries in the world, with the most friendly and awesome people, with stunning landscapes and with a heat that you almost can not survive 😀

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