Hum, nothing new these last 5 days, more walking, I mean, lots of walking, the views are always the same: mountains, lakes & forests. I swim every day, I want to eat more and more, I am never full, I camp mostly in the woods or with views of them. During the day I am mostly alone, at night these last 5 days, I have camped with people. I reach the campsite
always around 5 and stay outside relaxing, and then some more people arrive, Behemoth always one of them, and then we chat for a bit.
After 23 days I have finished Washington. I hitchhiked to the next town to buy new shoes, because the ones I’d brought with me were already destroyed and my feet had begun to feel pain. Then I hitchhiked again to the town near the trail, I ate tons of cherries and camped there, and the next day I hitched to Stevenson to spend a night at a motel. Behemoth went there too, his room had a kitchen and we cooked for ourselves, I ate broccoli with salad, boiled eggs and bread: paradise! I had my third shower in 25 days!
On day 25 I went to the post office to send food to some strategic points in Oregon. Then I walked, climbed from sea level to more than 1000 meters, walked more and camped by the lake, I went for a swim and was thinking about walking more but it was so good that I stayed for the night. I camped with three local women from Oregon, then went for a few days hike. They taught me to pick berries, and now I know a lot of different kinds of berries. It is so good to walk and pick berries along the way.

Day 21 (45,5 km) – Camping with a view of Mount Hood (picture);
Day 22 (39,1 km) – All about walking & swimming;
Day 23 (30,6 km) – Goodbye Washington;
Day 24 (0 km) – All day in my bed and eating good food: broccoli with boiled egg, salad & bread;
Day 25 (26,1 km) – Hello Oregon.

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