We rented a van for 35 days to travel through British Columbia, a beautiful part of Canada.

The plan was to have no plan, just a rough direction where we wanted to go, starting in Vancouver. Sleeping in the car, hiking through nature and having no mobile connection, was all we wanted. We had an amazing trip and saw a country so beautiful, so wild, so versatile and untouched, that we couldn’t believe our eyes sometimes. This photo was taken in Manning Provincial Park, one of the last stops before heading back to Vancouver. We got up in the morning and it was freezing (-2°Celsius).

The moisture on the car was frozen and we were covered in fog so you couldn´t see the sun.

I instantly grabbed my camera and went straight to the lake nearby the campground. What I found was complete quietness and a mysterious atmosphere. To be honest I was scared of bears, because we had seen a lot during this trip. After taking some shots I went back to the van and we drove slowly out of the park. Right at this moment the sun broke through the fog and a magical light appeared. We stopped at the lake again and my girlfriend enjoyed the sun and the moving fog in front of the lake. That´s how this photo originated. We had a great trip and moments like this will be burned forever in my memory.


* This one and many more awesome pictures on Erik website. He is a photographer and skater from Germany. He loves shooting film. He gets inspired by the people around him and through travelling. He is also on Facebook & Instagram. Go and have a look, is no way that you will regret it.

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